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Your Guide to Artificial Outdoor Plants with UV-Resistance

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Recently, we’ve got many questions about how long our artificial plants will last for the outdoors. Well, it does depend on a few different factors, like the quality of plants, exposure to sunlight, and the weather conditions outside. Want to learn more about how to extend the lifespan of artificial outdoor plants? Keep reading!

Different types of artificial outdoor plants

different types of artificial outdoor plants

Most outdoor fake plants will fall into the following three categories. These types are specially designed to remain durable in outdoor environments.

Weather-resistant artificial plants

Usually made from poly or plastic materials, this type of artificial outdoor plants can withstand weather conditions and exterior temperature changes. That being said, they are not necessarily safe from UV-rays damage, which can lead to brittle leaves and color fading.

For customers in specific areas where sunlight is intense and sufficient, we recommend spraying UV protectants on plants before popping them in direct sunlight to prolong their service life.

UV-treated artificial outdoor plants

Artificial plants with UV treatment are ones that have been sprayed with a UV coating prior to leaving our warehouse. With treatment, they tend to be more durable than weather-resistant plants, depending on the climate intensity and how many hours per day the plant will be exposed to direct sunlight.

A UV protection spray can provide temporary protection for exterior artificial greenery. For a longer lifetime, it’s better to spray every 6 months or as needed.

UV-resistant artificial outdoor plants

The third type is by far the most durable and can last the longest time without fading or cracking down from harsh UV rays. UV-resistant artificial outdoor plants are made with a special Poly-blend material that has the UV protectant built right into the material of the plants, flowers or trees during the manufacturing process.

If you’re looking to save money in the long run, this is the way to go.

What is UV resistance?

Ultraviolet resistance is the ability of a material, often a polymer, to withstand the degradation caused by exposure to ultraviolet light. UV light or sunlight will cause non-resistant materials and surfaces to fade or discolor.

Artificial plants and trees usually come in various materials such as plastics, silk, fabrics, natural wood, etc. These basic materials are not inherently resistant to UV radiation, so they will fade, discolor and become extremely brittle.

What makes artificial outdoor plants UV-resistant?

uv-stable artificial outdoor hedges

We add a premium grade chemical stabilizer, absorber, and/or blocker in the manufacturing stage to meet more requirements in UV-resistant artificial outdoor plants. This additive absorbs harmful ultraviolet rays and protects synthetic materials’ color and structural integrity.

We regard plants as inherently UV protected when adding stabilizers, absorbers or blockers during the manufacturing phase. Inherently UV-proof artificial plants are preferable to post-manufacture treatments such as sprays, ensuring all leaves contain a uniform amount of UV protective chemicals. Sprays may not smear even protective coating on leaves, which can lead to patchy ultraviolet damage.

How long will artificial outdoor plants last?

At ULAND, you’ll gain confidence in our anti-UV-protected artificial outdoor plants because we support a 3-5 years warranty of non-fading and non-cracking. Not to mention, we know our artificial green walls, potted plants, and trees last longer than this. You can also ask for proof of the protection, with independent UV protection tests to support the longevity argument.

Premium grade stabilizers added to plastics will significantly extend the lifespan of faux plants outside. However, there are still many variables making it difficult to specify the exact service life.

Variables include:

  • Direct sunlight the plant receives
  • Geographical position
  • Climate
  • Temperature
  • Altitude
  • Reflex
  • Stratospheric ozone

Affected by quality of UV additives and manufacturing process, the UV-treated function can be different from each other on the market. Hence, ask your supplier if they spray UV protection on plants or add something protective in production within the individual layers of plants.

How do we classify our products?

artificial outdoor plants in frames

We divide our artificial plants, flowers, and trees into two categories — interior use and exterior use. Before purchasing, you’d better get in touch with us about which type of plants have UV protection.

Manufactured for outdoor use

This section of artificial outdoor plants is UV resistant. They are made from fresh new PE along with UV additives and stabilizers to protect your plants against the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

ULAND artificial hedge products have long been popular among customers, mainly in North America and Europe. They are reputable for cost-effectiveness and high quality with long-lasting service life.

Manufactured for indoor use

As mentioned, these plants are made from materials that do not contain UV stabilized chemicals. We recommend using them only indoors. But this doesn’t mean indoor artificial plants cannot go outside because many customers do without issues when placing them in sheltered areas.

For instance, ULAND artificial potted plants series is major designed for indoor environments; but they stay green alongside the porch all year round.

By the way, non-UV-protected silk flowers used in arrangements are the norm across the artificial plant industry. As to our knowledge, nobody can produce effective UV-resistant silk.

Click here for a buying guide to ULAND artificial hedges.

How to prolong the life of artificial outdoor plants?

In some areas where weather conditions can be quite hot and change rapidly, it’s definitely worth considering adding UV-stable artificial plants to your region or finding a good UV protection spray. Don’t worry; you can still spray artificial outdoor plants to keep them “safe” from sun rays. It is not as good as purchasing plants designed to resist fading; still, anti-UV spray can increase usage of your fake plants outside for months or years.

Also, there’s a chance that plants may need some love. Once dust falls on your plan leaves, use a non-abrasive household cleaning spray such as window cleaner or multi-purpose spray to clean the plant thoroughly.

Can you use UV protection spray on indoor plants?

Under some circumstances, when artificial indoor plants are close to windows or get sunlight, you can use UV protection spray for them. Please read instructions carefully when using spay. You may need to take your plant outside to apply the spray. Also, be sure to clean any appliances or tools used to protect indoor plants.

10 things to consider buying artificial outdoor plants

Now that you are interested, let’s tell you how to buy artificial plants for the outdoors? Here are some tips for introducing the best artificial outdoor plants, in brief.

  • Proper planning of your landscape
  • Locate the area of placement
  • The budget
  • The entrance area
  • Flower boxes for the windows
  • Decorate the walkways
  • The tropical effect
  • Plastic plants are better than fabric plants
  • Buy natural-looking plants
  • Buy low-maintenance plants

Read more: All you need to know about ULAND green walls.

Buy good quality artificial outdoor plants & trees

Purchasing outdoor artificial plants and trees for business use is the best decision you will make. Not only do our quality UV-stabilized artificial plants stay green year-on-year but they are a worthwhile investment over the long term.


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