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ULAND Artificial Trees Import Guide

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Are you seeking to import from ULAND artificial trees supplier rather than purchase locally to get more profit? Are you planning to alter to a more reputable artificial trees wholesaler/retailer?
Are you going to invest in the beneficial faux plant industry?
Are you simply adding artificial plants, trees or pots as a profitable sideline to an existing business?
ULAND International Inc. is your solid choice. Now check out this easy import guide to best fake trees China.

Are Artificial Trees Out of Style?

Recently, artificial trees have begun to shed their tacky reputation and are adopting a new way: for being simple and cost-effective to breathe life indoors or outdoors. Many top decorators and designers continue Mario Buatta’s tradition of not being against using artificial varieties – have incorporated them into projects.

When you buy from ULAND, you are investing in quality products designed by horticulturists with rich experience in residential and commercial decor. We can create artistic renditions of nature that look so real in a full range. Our items’ quality is a far cry from the days where artificial trees were tacky and cheap looking. Until now, we have progressed a strict quality control process to ensure all ULAND artificial trees look like real ones and meanwhile make sure they last for quite years.

What to Consider When Choosing ULAND Artificial Trees?

ULAND artificial trees bulk options


Most ULAND artificial trees come in industry’s standard materials like plastic and silk because the two appear natural-looking and flexible enough to bend and shape in various postures. Also, if you’re strict on budget, then polyester and plastic is your best bet.

Custom manufacture Size

At ULAND, we offer a certain selection of sizes regarding diverse kinds of artificial greenery plants from small mini desktop plants, medium fake potted trees to large artificial trees. For a successful project, we recommend calculating the size of placement.

Realistic textured ULAND artificial trees

High end artificial foliage can tell you there’s nothing different from natural plants as they feel so real. We strive to develop premium fake plants pots with natural trunks other than fabricated stems.

Indoor vs. Outdoor ULAND artificial trees

It’s essential to source artificial outdoor trees for being UV resistant and economical in the long run. Normally, we provide plastic trees and plants with a 3-year warranty for outdoor use and 5-year warranty for indoor use.

Asymmetry ULAND artificial trees

We handpick and design the original plants & trees styles based on Mother Nature. Besides, we give you the freedom to choose how you want to shape your item and DIY for local needs.

ULAND Best Artificial Trees to Import 2021

Till now, ULAND artificial trees have developed into a full range by tree species, exposure, color, size, and accessories. Here, we collect the following 4 collections of best artificial trees.

large ULAND artificial ficus tree

Artificial ficus tree outdoor & indoor

Material: Leaf: silk fabric

Trunk: fiberglass with steel structure

Bottom: steel plate for fixing

Size: 3m & Customization optional

Warranty: Indoor 5 years; Outdoor 3 years

Lead Time: Normally 15 – 30 days

MOQ: According to size

Large artificial cherry blossom trees pink

Material: Flower: silk fabric

Trunk: fiberglass with steel structure

Bottom: fiberglass with steel plate for fixing

Size: 3m & Customization optional

Warranty: Indoor 5 years; Outdoor 3 years

Lead Time: Normally 15 – 30 days

MOQ: According to size

large artificial tree cherry blossom
large artificial apple tree

Artificial apple tree

Material: Leaf: silk-screen cloth, plastic+steel

Trunk: fiberglass with steel structure

Bottom: fiberglass with steel plate for fixing

Size: 2m & Customization optional

Warranty: Indoor 5 years; Outdoor 3 years

Lead Time: Normally 15 – 30 days

MOQ: According to size

Artificial Christmas pine tree

Material: Leaf: PE

Trunk: fiberglass with steel structure

Size: Customization optional

Warranty: Indoor 5 years; Outdoor 3 years

Lead Time: Normally 15 – 30 days

MOQ: According to size

artificial Christmas trees

As a China based exporter, ULAND offers supply bulk for retail or wholesale business. If you only buy single faux plants, please check its Minimum Order Quantity. If for bulk order with different ULAND artificial trees, welcome to submit requests and we will quote FOB price soon for reference.

Are ULAND Artificial Trees Recyclable?

Before answering this question, you can take some time to scan this article Plastic bags recycled into fabric to fight pollution. Actually, environmental protection has taken a deep root in us. Even if most of ULAND artificial trees are made of plastic or silk, we only use high-quality polythene that delays pollution accumulation.

Reproduce plastic foliage

We, one of the artificial plant manufacturers in China and some specialty recycling organizations can process artificial trees and other decorations into reusable materials.

Recreate artificial trees into other decorations

Through creative handywork, you needn’t throw old artificial trees away by cutting, bending, and reshaping it into decorative wreaths or garlands and table-top centerpieces.

Donate your artificial tree

Another way is to give those trees a reuse chance by sending them to some thrift stores, nursing homes and charity organizations in need of extra holiday cheer.

Artificial Trees for Indoor Use

If you run a small business of decorating commercial interiors, get ideas from 6 Ways about ULAND Artificial Plants Pots for Interior Decor.

ULAND artificial trees for indoor use

#1. Start-ups, Importers
#2. Event Planners
#3. Retailers, Dealers
#4. Traders, Vendors
#5. Landscape Designers
#6. Project Contractors
#7. Gardeners, Horticulturist

#1. Home Decoration
#2. Shopping Mall
#3. Leisure Center, Resort
#4. Real Estate, Hotel
#5. Station, Airport
#6. Restaurant, Office
#7. Exhibition Hall

Artificial Trees for Outdoor Use

Fake trees and well maintained landscape can transform the appearance and feeling of any space into a natural and lively environment for employees and customers. If you want to enhance your outdoor space through the natural attraction and maintenance-free benefits of artificial trees, we have a series of exquisite and realistic artificial trees to highlight your outdoor landscape.

large ULAND artificial trees features

Features of ULAND artificial trees outdoors

  • A landscape design element
  • Inherently fade resistant
  • Long-lasting and durable natural element
  • True to life

Any ULAND Artificial Trees Options?

Over the years we’ve added to the list of options and extras we can add to any of our large artificial trees. Apart from the easy assembly and installation that comes standard with all our trees, we also offer basic options such as fire-retardant, UV protection, and custom sizes. In addition to these options, we also offer integrations such as: on-tree lighting, speakers, security cameras, and signage.

Above all you can pay attention to the 6 aspects below:

  1. Species Options
  2. Fabricated Trunks with Durability
  3. Commercial-quality Natural Wood Trunks
  4. Exposure to the Elements with Different Materials
  5. Assembly and Loading for Easy Installation
  6. Planter Options

How to Import Artificial Trees from ULAND?

ULAND artificial trees import procedure

Importing ULAND artificial trees is not difficult and we are glad to help you in any of the process.


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