Top5 ULAND Artificial Wall Plants for Interior Decor

Top 5 ULAND Artificial Wall Plants for Interior Transformation

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Artificial greenery has great magic to transform a boring space into a charming oasis without much effort and upkeep cost. Now, we are here to bring the best ULAND artificial wall plants indoors, which may offer you some inspiration regardless of design ideas, project management or import business.

T1: Best Choice ULAND Artificial Hedge Wall for Offices

With the increasing demand for workplace’s environment, executive officers take a positive attitude in introducing artificial green decorations. As ULAND artificial wall plants are safe for commercial interior design with a fire retardant property, they become popular among the UK, USA, Mexico, and other 50 countries.

indoor ULAND artificial wall plants hedges

To start with, one of the easiest and most classic ways to transform an office interior is with best ULAND artificial hedge wall panels. At ULAND, all artificial hedges are manufactured with 100% fresh LDPE materials, suited well as vertical green wall covering other than fence screens. Besides, premium artificial hedging panels come in different colors or foliage made to a high standard to over 30 relevant artificial interior wall brands. 

  • Year warranty indoors. Let the Sun Shine! Sunwing UV Resistant Artificial Hedges are made for harsh environments like strong sun exposure. We insert high-quality UV addictive into our foliages used for hedges, which has a 3-year guarantee indoors and 5-years indoors.
  • Over 95% coverage. Our high-quality boxwood hedges feature a higher density level by following the industry standards. Next, our boxwood hedges’ coverage is above 99%, which is necessary for better privacy protection.
  • Bespoke flame retardant. All our fire retardant faux hedges & artificial plants have to pass the National Fire Prevention Association 701 test. Unlike those artificial hedges which only have IFR artificial foliage, we are able to provide artificial hedging with level B Inherently flame retardant treated artificial leaves, stems, and branches.

Interested in becoming a dealer? Firstly take a look at The Ultimate Guide to ULAND Artificial Hedges.

T2: Stunning ULAND Artificial Plants Wall Around the Swimming Pool

Is it possible to transform an indoor swimming pool into a relaxing and comfortable “outdoor” oasis? Of course, yes. But before solving this problem, you have to dispel misgivings of ULAND artificial wall plants having adverse effects on the environment and human beings.

Now check out a client’s swimming pool project with ULAND artificial vertical garden panels.

ULAND artificial wall plants for the swimming pool

Customer’s requirements: 100% blockage to protect privacy; odorless & non-toxic; gorgeous and noble within the budget

ULAND solution: The customized artificial foliage green wall is a great way to add accents to the swimming pool surroundings. We make sure the privacy gets good protection by adopting the highly dense artificial wall garden mats. In addition, white, yellow, and purple artificial leaves look particularly conspicuous on the green background.

  • Anti-UV performance. ULAND artificial wall plants not only look realistic, but also can adapt to any environment type. As the testing shows, these artificial plants can resist up to 2000 hours in the presence of ultraviolet rays.
  • Customized designs. Our designers are ready to offer customized wall plants and have handmade some of the most popular styles among many countries. 
  • Suitable for all purposes. Whether you need artificial wall plants for small-scale or large-scale purposes, our simulated plants walls are the best option.

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T3: Niche ULAND Framed Artificial Wall Plants for Room Decor

When it comes to home decor, interior plant-scape is no doubt a more than suitable option for any room. But have you considered using something green differently that can hang directly? ULAND artificial wall plants in frames have the characteristics of three-dimensional novelty, diverse layout possibilities, and convenient installation.

ULAND artificial wall plants in frames for home decor

As a kind of modern home decoration, 3D artificial green wall frames never fade, allowing you to enjoy green views at any time. At the same time, framed fake green wall art is different from the traditional painting and calligraphy decoration, making the unique wall decoration a new possibility.

  • Lifelike foliage details can help create a spring feeling around.
  • Metallic looking frame enhances the artistic sense of the whole work.
  • Eco-friendly, harmless and odorless materials eliminate your worries.

T4: Impressive ULAND Artificial Hanging Topiary Balls for Restaurants

With tougher competition than ever before, it’s critical to make your restaurant have more traffic. If you’re looking for a solution to distinguish your business from others right now, why not try some easy-to-stall hanging balls made of artificial leaves and flowers?

ULAND artificial hanging balls

ULAND artificial hanging balls can be a perfect decor element for any interior design. The topiary is of environmentally friendly fresh PE, and you can’t tell it from real foliage as the craftsmanship is out of the ordinary. Without any doubt, this item comes in an elegant finish that can bring the instant beauty and future revenues you desire.

  • Customized artificial topiary balls. We can offer artificial topiaries in any style, shape, size, material, and color. You determine your requirements, and ULAND will fulfil them in no time!
  • Long-Lasting and durable. Our artificial topiary balls and trees can withstand harsh climatic conditions for decades without any need for maintenance.
  • 100% UV resistant. Artificial hanging balls feature UV resistant properties which means ultraviolet rays cannot disturb our plants’ colors.

T5: Incredible ULAND Artificial Wall Hanging Plants for Hotels

There are so many methods to transform and improve a hotel image; however, which of is the most efficient and cost-saving? Experts say green plants can enhance spirits by up 15%, so how about introducing artificial wall hanging plants to interiors? Let’s see a typical example of how hotel’s hanging greenery becomes impressive beyond customer’s expectation.

ULAND artificial hanging wall plants

Artificial fern creepers give a rustic look to hotels, full of vitality and lighting instantly. Style BG060 in green and lamps in white are a perfect match. Apart from that, hanging creepers increase the height of the roof visually. Hanging ULAND artificial wall plants come in various styles at factory-direct pricing, featuring PE with UV property that makes them also ideal for outdoors. Some small single plants can be aligned with design to form garden wall panels.

  • 100% Eco-Friendly materials. We manufacture our artificial hanging plants only using eco-friendly materials. We never use any material that is hazardous for humans and pets.
  • Updated designs and styles. We frequently improve the quality and add updated plants to our inventory. You can get plants of all designs and styles under our belt.
  • 100% Natural-looking. We collect natural plant leaves and use silk material for getting the best possible effect with minimal changes.

Trendy Moss Wall to Import

If you are sourcing special plant walls with an exotic looking, add preserved reindeer moss walls to your list now. According to market data, artificial moss or preserved moss wall has been a new trend in 2021, which is popular for owners’ apartments, urban residences, and rental properties, etc.

preserved moss wall to import

ULAND artificial wall plants moss details

  • Retain water
  • Help to improve indoor environments
  • Absorb noise & heavy metal
  • Bring forest interiors
  • Light and simple in installation
  • Easy to maintain
  • Natural looking
  • Easy to DIY
  • Indoor decoration moss
  • Light & simple in installation
  • PVC & wooden panels for choices


To offer different solutions for interior landscapes and designs, we are manufacturing diverse ULAND artificial wall plants in a variety of shapes and colors for both residential and commercial applications. Regardless of having no ideas or having doubts, let ULAND help you!


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