Artificial Green Wall - A Hot Sale Landscape Trend 2021

Artificial Green Walls – A Hot Landscape Trend 2021

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Artificial green walls have become a trend in a stable but gradually increasing speed in landscape design-build. A fake living wall is a vertical garden system consisting of snap-lock panels of artificial plants – no upkeep and long-lasting. In this article, we shall share with you some projects and cases of ULAND artificial plant walls and answer your frequently asked questions.

Global Popularity of Artificial Green Walls
Indoor Landscaping Faux Plants Wall
Outdoor Landscaping Artificial Vertical Gardens

Global Popularity of Artificial Green Walls

According to the global search volume of the artificial green wall, it indicates the popularity as well as a rising trend in recent years.

global search trend for artificial green wall

The trend of popularity over time

From Feb. 2018 to 2021, there is a slight increasing trend in the search volume. Each time period has a peak and bottom, which is affected by the global environment (including politics, economic policies, etc).

Let’s zoom in on the most recent year’s data. From Feb. 2020 to 2021, the whole interest value seems to be stable without change. But really? In early February 2020, the search volume for artificial green walls was 13. While in Feb. 2021, the value has raised to 52, up 75% from the same time period last year. (Data changes every minute.)

As time goes, how long can the artificial plant wall gain popularity? Is there any potential to be tapped? The answer is definitely positive. Just look forward to it.

Indoor Landscaping Faux Plants Wall

ULAND® is the top-notch brand for artificial green walls. Since its registration, ULAND has worked with designers, architects, developers, and contractors to promote residential and commercial landscaping. Here are two featured cases for your reference.

artificial vertical gardens in indoor landscaping

House artificial moss wall

Home interior design has become an inevitable trend because of the awareness of improving the home environment. Live green plants play an important role in purifying air; however; plenty of people prefer a more cost-effective and energy-saving method of adding accents to the bland walls.

Office artificial plant wall

Some studies prove that people working in an environment with greenery will increase productivity by 15 percent. Hence, “We desire our employees to focus more on work and meanwhile work more happily”, said Mohamed, the chief executive officer, “ULAND artificial plant wall makes it!”

Outdoor Landscaping Artificial Vertical Gardens

outdoor landscaping artificial vertical walls

Fake artificial walls help make a statement for the exterior landscape. When combined with lush grass, the facade of the building turns into a nearly natural forest. Really fabulous work!

Artificial hedges and green wall panels as cost-effective building materials are well incorporated into the outdoor landscaping. But are you worried about fading in a short time? Actually, outdoor artificial wall plants are definitely UV protected in case of intense sunlight. So, these green wall panels can stay fade-resistant until their lifetime.


Q1: Are your artificial green walls fire-rated?

Definitely yes. ULAND can manufacture the Grade B fire-safe artificial living walls based on your requirements. Safety is an essential factor when it comes to whether interior or exterior landscape, which is also a priority to artificial plants.

Q2: How to install artificial wall panels?

Most artificial vertical walls are easy to install screws or tie to the surface of the panel frame on the wall. However, you have to pay attention to using correct screws that won’t damage the wall’s surface. For more installation tips, welcome to click

Q3: How long does an artificial green wall last?

Normally, the artificial garden wall can be weather-resistant for at least 3 years outdoors and 5 years indoors. You can preserve it for a longer time.

Q4: What about maintenance?

Similar to other artificial plants, fake vertical walls are low to zero maintenance because of their advanced manufacturing process. You just need to blow the dust from time to time to keep them clean.


As you can see, artificial green walls are a popular trend in landscaping in terms of low-cost, minimal maintenance, and high impact. If you have any other questions or project plans about artificial vertical gardens, feel free to contact us. We’re here to help.


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