ULAND® Artificial Potted Plants

Spruce up interior and exterior design with diversified artificial potted plants and trees. ULAND specializes in the manufacture and supply of indoor and outdoor artificial plants. Get free smaples today!

Premium Artificial Plants & Trees in Pots

With natural colors and clear textures, made from fresh PE, quality silk and fabrics, ULAND artificial potted plants are perfect indoor decoration without extra maintenance.

For indoor & outdoor applications, some of our artificial plant pots can be UV-protected & Fire retardant for long-lasting performance.

  • Minimum quantity required: According to Specific Product
  • Custom service: Color, Pot and Plant Variety
  • UV resistant: Optional
  • Fire retardant: Optional
  • Warranty: Indoor 3 Years
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ULAND® Desktop Artificial Mini Plant Series

-- 100% originally designed and handcrafted

Compared with other indoor decor items, mini potted plants are hyper realistic and easy to maintain, which have higher cost performance. This series of artificial mini-plants is a combination design of existing artificial leafy products, you can ask for customization to display design sense.

  • Foliage Material: Fresh PE
  • Pot: Cement, ceramics, etc
  • Foliage Type: Bush; hedge leaves; mixed bush and hedge
  • Warranty: Indoor 3 years
  • Packing: Box of 20 pieces
  • Package Size: 55x55x30cm
  • MOQ: 200pcs 
  • Est. Time(days): 15-30 days

Method: Cement + foam + cement (+ black varnish)
The foam used here is the finished product, which is different from large and medium sized potted plants.
PS: There is a certain proportion of cement and water to ensure that the cement will not crack after drying.

ULAND® Artificial Small Potted Plant Series

-- Over 1000 varieties waterproof leaves

Fake hedges are privacy panels made for fence screens and green wall covering. The lifelike artificial foliage or leaves come in UV-protected and fire-retardant performance, better to fit indoor and outdoor gardens and landscapes.

  • Material: Silk, PE
  • Pot: Cement, ceramics, etc
  • Height: 70cm, can be customized
  • Warranty: Outdoor 1 year
  • Packing: Single package or as required
  • MOQ: 200pcs 
  • Est. Time(days): 15-30 days

The method is the same as the mini fake potted plants above.

ULAND® Artificial Trees in Pots

-- Factory-direct at wholesale prices

For Indoor or outdoor, home decoration, or scene design, you can find suitable artificial plant trees or bonsai like palms, cherry, olive, coconut tree etc. Whether for retail or wholesale business, ULAND will provide you with the best service.

details of fake trees in pot

details of artificial travelers tree

Since different type of artificial potted trees have different specifications, welcome to contact us for further more information.

Generally speaking, potted plants less than 1.8m come in plastic resin stems, which is convenient for inserting leaves. However, the upper trunk will be crooked because the plastic resin is soft.
Those over 1.8 meters of trees are mostly made from real stems, with fixed shapes and are not easy to skew.

Advantages of ULAND® Fake Trees

ULAND possesses mature technology for manufacturing anti-UV and flame-retardant artificial plants. We have cooperated with customers from more than 50 countries including the United States, Mexico, United Kingdom, etc.

Eco-friendly and fresh material is better to ensure “real” nature color and long working performance and stable features indoors and outdoors.

As a top-notch brand for bulk artificial plants supply, we keep all standards high and comply with the SGS certificate, >2000 hours UV protection tested.

Our R&D department work closely with sales team. Continuous artificial plants and hedges come into output for various clients’ markets.

Since its first cooperation, ULAND has gained a great reputation for brand marketing and industry-leading faux plants.

Why Choose ULAND® Artificial Plants & Trees

Sourcing premium artificial plants & trees with competitive pricing? Check out ULAND best artificial potted plants, trees for your business.

  • Indoor safe for human beings and pets due to heavy metal-free PE
  • A variety of options for pots such as cement, plastic, and others, creating a stable potted plant
  • Top-notch craftsmanship with real touch leaves

Inspired by our Artificial Plants Pots collection and get a wholesale quote thru sales@u-land.us

Customize Your Artificial Plants with Color, Texture & Design

Our artificial plants or trees are all made for commercial rate decor. The sizes and features like UV protection and fire rate are also available for your special projects.


Add a splash of color to any walls whether indoors or outdoors with ULAND diverse colored artificial foliage sprays. Whether you want a spattering of delicate blossoms or vibrant pops of greenery, you can easily ask for customization.


Natural-looking textures add even more depth to your artificial trees. From the tip to the bottom, you can find out mother nature signs in every detail. We imitate the grain of real leaves, just to restore the most realistic appearance of nature as much as possible


The embellishment of each flower is just right, and each potted plant is so different. How to make your artificial plant pots or trees stand out? Come and talk to our designer team now.


Yes. We guarantee that our lifelike artificial potted plants are as beautiful as the real ones. In fact, our research and development apartment has created a line of real-touch artificial plants that mimic Mother Nature’s intricate details, such as naturally occurring variegation and lifelike textures.

More and more plant shops and commercial projects use artificial plants pots — there are some additional benefits to introducing faux plants. From eliminating toxic threats to pets and children to helping to cut down on budgets, artificial plants can prove to be a better investment than living plants while the choice is entirely up to you.

As a leading artificial plant supplier in China, we have covered all your selection from office plants, house plants to large outdoor artificial plants with planters. Our plant collections including UV-resistant artificial plants are more than natural-looking features.

Yes, of course. It mainly depends on different materials. Most of our faux greenery plants come in plastic and can be UV-proof, especially designed for outdoor environments.

Polyester plants. Polyester is a material that is often used in outdoor furniture and décor. Polyester plants are naturally mold- and mildew-resistant.

Plastic plants. Plastic is another material that can withstand the elements, so keeping them outside is fine.

Silk plants. Most silk plants and flowers are not meant to be kept outdoors.

UV-treated faux plants. One of the best things about many artificial potted plants is that not only can they be kept outside, but they are designed for outdoor use.

Paper plants. Like silk, anything made of paper should not be stored outside.

Read more about Artificial Outdoor Plants with UV-Resistance Guide.

Since our artificial plants are made of synthetic plastic materials, you will expect them to last longer than weather-resistant silk. More importantly, when treated with UV protection additives, they will have a lifespan of several years. Regularly, we provide a 2-year warranty for indoor plants and 1-year for the outdoors.

As mentioned before, at ULAND., you can opt for multiple artificial plants that can meet your local customers’ needs. You can place a trial order or require samples to check quality the first time.

Yes, you can ask for customization as long as your order meets a certain quantity so not only the pot can be changeable but also the foliage type can be customized. According to the way of planting pots, we stock cement and ceramic pots in high quality and durability. But once put into mass production, artificial plant pots can not be changed nor replaced.

Yes, but only a little maintenance needed. While our selection of fake plants in pots eliminates the need for daily maintenance, we suggest cleaning it and wiping away any dust it might have gathered.

Read this ULAND artificial trees import guide for your business 2021. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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