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ULAND Artificial Boxwood: Your FAQs, Our Answers

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From now on, ULAND artificial boxwood products have been exported to over 50 countries, attracting many overseas entrepreneurs to become our exclusive dealers. Also, you can find the best artificial boxwood hedges for projects. Here are a few of the most frequent questions we get about our faux boxwood and answers from our experts.

1. Can ULAND artificial boxwood go outside?

Definitely, yes; however, not all artificial greenery plants are suitable for outdoor use. Our ULAND artificial boxwood range is designed to be used outdoors in the long run. Made using fade-resistant technology, which can prevent them from fading, faux boxwood leaves can withstand extreme weather conditions.

can ULAND artificial boxwood be used outdoors

2. Do faux boxwood leaves fade in the sun?

Yes, even live plants can die in hot summers. As mentioned above, contemporary simulated boxwood like ours can resist fading or discoloring till times to come.

See how our customers say about our ULAND boxwood fading problems, “Probably, over time. We have this product on a deck divider; it is exposed to everything year-round, has been for more than a year in Ontario, Canada, and still looks as good as it did when we installed it. If anything, I would 5hink sun and heat could be more of a concern but so far, just great.”

3. What are types of ULAND artificial boxwood items?

  • Boxwood hedges panels 
  • Boxwood topiary
  • Boxwood tree
  • Boxwood ball
  • Boxwood in planter
different types of ULAND artificial boxwood

What is unique with ULAND artificial boxwood?

1.  All are made with anti-UV materials and can customize to be fire retardant.
2. Boxwood series is SGS certified with UV test report; ISO13823 fire test, level-B fire retardant, NFPA 701 flame test; and heavy metal test.

certificates of ULAND best faux boxwood hedging

3. You can request free samples for mutual trust.
4. Short lead time and robust manufacture and stock capacities
5. Graphic or 3D project design + customer support
6. Only exclusive dealers can have exclusive rights for promoting ULAND hedges.

4. How to use boxwood hedges in landscaping? 

Whatever the residential or commercial settings, boxwood hedging is functional in both indoor and outdoor decor, as wall coverings, design elements, and space dividers. Get inspired by our customers’ projects and incorporate these ideas into your landscape.

outdoor landscaping with artificial boxwood hedges

The exterior boxwood wall creates an instant privacy screen.

Living on a busy street is somewhat headache due to the heavy traffic and privacy problems of passers-by. With ULAND artificial boxwood hedges panels, we can help you alleviate these problems. After simple installation, you will get instant privacy shelter and screening in a day. Besides, highly dense 3D faux boxwood hedges will block out some of the sounds.

DIY boxwood hedges highlight the interior design.

That was amazing to see the ultimate silk road wall composed of colorful boxwood hedge mats. Not only do we export the manufacturer-direct products, but we also convey the ideas of bespoke and DIY landscape design. Other than indoor greenery, they are suitable for covering dull blank walls as perfect alternatives for plain wallpapers.

ULAND artificial boxwood indoor projects

Let’s see how landscapers and event designers comment on boxwood greenery.

favorable comments on ULAND artificial boxwood hedges

5. How long does artificial boxwood last?

ULAND artificial boxwood hedges plants consist of fresh new LDPE, ensuring botanically accurate colors and textures for years of use. The service life of commercial grade buildings and UV resistant boxwood plants is longer than what you get from retailers because our manufacturing takes into account the business environment and the harsh conditions that come with it. Even in high temperatures, our outdoor anti-ultraviolet boxwood walls can withstand the test of time for over 5 years.

This is another project completed by our clients — Boxwood Hedge Wall outside the shopping mall.

ULAND outdoor artificial hedges withstand the test of time

After the joint efforts to install the boxwood plants wall panels, the shopping mall is so impressive and astonishing to stand towering in the city center. Moreover, it still looked no different from three years ago when the second time saw it.

“Appreciated that we made a correct choice and purchased the lush artificial hedging from ULAND. We’re looking forward to next cooperation!” said the director of the Jinying Shopping Center.

6. How to prevent boxwood and other artificial plants from fading?

Here are some easy tips on caring for your faux plants to last longer, especially outdoors.

  • Purchase high-quality UV-resistant ULAND artificial boxwood.
  • Use a UV-resistant spray.
  • Rotate greenery plants from time to time.
  • Keep ULAND best faux plants clean.
  • Minimize direct exposure to sunlight.

7. How to mobile artificial boxwood hedging?

Well, it’s easy to move around the huge boxwood hedges in planters when placing movable wheels. We have three options catering to your diverse needs.

  1. We recommend you purchase smaller boxwood planters considering the huge size and high freight.
  2. Stock enough ULAND artificial boxwood fences and then buy stainless steel or other materials composing the planter in your local area for easy installation.
  3. You can spare some time making and installing your own mobile planter with boxwood hedges for projects or reselling.

movable artificial boxwood in planters

If you are an event rental business owner looking for a good background screen, space partition screen, or privacy screen that can move? Our mobile boxwood planter can be the first choice!

  • SGS certified 100% fresh new LDPE materials
  • Anti-ultraviolet, flame retardant and waterproof functions
  • Long term exposure to severe weather
  • Bespoke solutions
  • Designed to be commercial grade

8. What are benefits of boxwood hedges?

Unlike natural hedges, faux boxwood doesn’t require any irrigation nor maintenance, saving lots of water and expenses.

  • Luxury artificial boxwood is available in any height or length to meet your design specifications.
  • Rated for external and internal use or indoor flame retardant applications.
  • Popular uses are: privacy screens, space separation lines, hidden ugly views, noise reduction, signage, or decorative decorations.
  • Hidden casters are suitable for flexible moving space division.

9. Would Like to Be a ULAND Artificial Boxwood Dealer or Have a Design in Mind? Let Our Experts Help!

Have you got any idea about our artificial hedge? Are there any other questions about whether they are suitable for your design? Are you ready to get a quote? We are happy to hear from you! Contact us with a few details about your needs, visit us at or call us at 86-13951936338.


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