FAQs of artificial hedges panels

FAQs of Artificial Hedges Panels

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As a primary format of artificial green walls, artificial hedges panels are easy to install, can come in various designs and styles that are useful for all residential and commercial settings. But it turns out indecisive regarding sourcing an artificial hedge supplier. To eliminate the most concerning issues of ULAND artificial hedges, we have consulted a professional Jason, CEO in production for over 15 years.  

1. Do you have an artificial hedges panels factory?

artificial hedges factory

Jason: Yes, we have an artificial hedges factory located in Nanjing, China, close to Shanghai Port and Ningbo Port. It’s a pity that we have received many emails from our customers saying their plans to visit our factory have to lay aside or even be canceled. However, to satisfy the curiosity of new customers, and of course to build mutual trust, our company regularly releases factory-related videos. In addition, our consultants also support on-site video calls during the goods inspection.

2. Can you tell your production capacity?

Jason: With a 20000sqm factory, ULAND is equipped with over 80 machine groups and 200+ molds to manufacture hundreds of foliage or styles every day. We make sure the capacity is one 40HQ a day, which can contain 2200sqm faux hedges panels. If you are interested in purchasing artificial greenery panels in bulk, you can refer to the picture below in view of container loading solution.

ULAND artificial hedges container loading

3. What’s your artificial hedge size and package?

Jason: Our artificial hedges can come in different sizes, for example, 10”x10”, 20”x20” (12 pieces/ carton), 40”x40” (5-8 pieces/ carton). It’s worth mentioning that the snap-to-lock design makes each panel easy to connect together.

Packaging is another issue we pay attention to because quality goes far beyond the product itself. Regularly, we use two packing methods according to the size of artificial fence sheet, one is 5-layer carton packaging and another is PVC roll packaging. To a certain extent, both types of packages can prevent damage to the goods in transit. We also accept special packing requirements such as poly-bag, showcase, colored box, etc.

4. How about production time or lead time?

Jason: To guard against the shortage of hot-selling artificial hedges panels styles, the artificial hedge factory will manufacture more and store them as inventory in case of emergency needs. The stock will be shipped within three or five days. Under normal circumstances, production time is around fifteen to thirty days, mainly depending on your purchased quantities.

5. Are all artificial hedges environmentally-friendly? What’s the warranty?

Jason: ULAND artificial hedges are manufactured with eco-friendly polyethylene resins materials, which are safe for humans and pets, whether indoors or outdoors. Moreover, we can provide a heavy-metal free report if needed. We hereby declare our artificial hedges panels are made of 100% fresh new PE based on facts not boasting, although some suppliers fool customers with ambiguous words.

As claimed, we only use 100% PE new material, which can withstand 6000 hours of outdoor sunshine with a 3-year outdoor warranty and a 5-year indoor warranty.

6. How does your price compare to others’?

Jason: To achieve outstanding density and simulation, we select and use suitable materials. According to our market investigation, many competitors tend to apply recycled materials to achieve a low price. This may be deceptive because you don’t know how long their products will last for the outside. In other words, after buying their products, some customers will encounter many problems, such as fading quickly, broken joints, falling leaves, etc. These after-sales problems are not easy to deal with, will undermine customers’ confidence and thus making them have to seek high-quality artificial hedges suppliers.

You can tell the quality from the details below:

how to tell quality of artificial hedges panels

7. Can you offer design to me?

Jason: Of course, we have a design team stand by to offer professional designs with our products. Our senior designers Karen and Frederic specialize in graphic design, while Frank is especially skilled in 3D modeling design. These design drafts shall include the required faux hedge models. In a word, just tell us the general application or what kind of scenario you desire, and we can provide you with personalized or diversified design.

8. How to install artificial hedges panels?

Jason: ULAND has prepared a detailed installation guide and video for your reference. Concerning the terminal user’s experience, we will put the tutorial installation instructions along with artificial hedging products in the carton.

How to install artificial hedges on the chain-link fencing?

How to install artificial hedges on a concrete wall?

9. Can I be your exclusive agent?

Jason: I’m glad to hear that you are willing to be ULAND exclusive agent. You can submit dealer form on the page Dealer Program and be sure to get artificial hedges and plants products brochures, business project ideas, and free samples.

Benefits you can enjoy:

Uniqueness: The key advantage of becoming our exclusive dealer lies in “one area one agent”, so ULAND will not supply for other customers in the designated region.

Website technical support: Our technical professional can provide free network training and help if there’s a need when selling online.

Marketing: When you’re ready to open up or expand your local artificial hedge and plant market, don’t hesitate to tell us because we can share marketing knowledge with you.

Guaranteed lead time: ULAND promises to give priority to the shipping and delivery time of sole agents compared with wholesalers or retailers.

New products updates: We offer complete information, photos, videos, etc., referring to the latest products more than recommending new arrivals.

Specific models exclusiveness: Sole agents have the right to monopolize certain styles or bestsellers, which will not be disclosed to regular suppliers.

10. Do you export to all over the globe?

Jason: Yes. ULAND exports globally and has already exported to over fifty countries, mainly covering North America, South America, South Africa, Middle East, Europe, etc. We are supporting small, medium, and large companies from abroad to wholesale or resell our artificial hedges panels. For the sake of confidentiality, I will not reveal any information of customers here.

11. Are your artificial hedges panels UV protected or fire retardant?

uv protected or fire retardant artificial foliage

Jason: The first issue, yes, our artificial hedge fence panels are all UV protected. As mentioned above, our artificial outdoor hedges can withstand 6000 hours of outside sunshine without fading or decaying. Apart from fresh new polyethylene resins, our factory ensure adding UV stable additives to the manufacturing process rather than coating anti-UV powders. We all know that how to prolong the service life of outdoor fence has become an important factor for sellers to strive for a breakthrough. I recommend this Guide to Artificial Outdoor Plants with UV-Resistance.

The second issue about whether our artificial hedging fences are fire retardant. No, they are not. You can understand the fireproof/ flame-retardant feature as a special requirement. Only when we’re informed of this special requirement can the factory start production. That’s to say, ULAND has capacities to manufacture fire-retardant hedge panels, but not for free. Interior design companies or landscape contractors engaged in indoor projects tend to have such special needs. Read this article Fire Retardant Artificial Plants: What You Need to Know?.

12. What certificates or test reports can you provide?

Jason: Up to now, both our factory and products have obtained CE certification and gained approval of SGS testing. We can provide test reports of UV protection, fire-retardant, Reach, ROHS, etc. What kind of report do you need?

13. How do you control leaves falling, color fading or color difference in manufacturing?

Jason: In a word, we seriously take products quality under control because we resolutely implement the quality system. Facts speak louder than words, please refer to our QC system to see how we control leaves falling, color fading, and color difference in production.

Supply system: production capacity; procurement standards; procurement team; design team; logistics

Key parameters control system in the manufacturing process: raw material sourcing; toner weighing; mixing time; temperature setting; foliage weight inspection; appearance traceable marking; defect treatment

Quality control system: flow chart; inspection team; inspection equipment; final inspection standard; inspection report

Packaging system: carton or roll; different designs; packaging requirements; different packaging display

Warehousing system: Go to our factory to carefully check its warehouse, raw materials and accessories, semi-finished products, finished products, and bulk containers.

Shipping system: loading issues; logistics; risk assessment

After-sales service system: After receiving a customer complaint, our sales team will collect information, find out the cause through investigation, and then provide a solution.


Artificial hedges panels take a vast place in the whole artificial plant industry, widely used in gardens, landscape, architecture… Endless. Thanks for Jason answering the questions above and then appreciate if you could put forward more issues that are in-depth and worthy of discussion. Look forward to hearing from you and see you later. Get in touch with us by email at sales@u-land.us


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