FAQs about ULAND Artificial Plants

FAQs about ULAND® Artificial Plants

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ULAND faux plants have penetrated into many countries and regions all over the globe. Before starting the business with ULAND, you have to know about the frequently asked questions below.

Are You A Trading Company or A Factory?

To be honest, ULAND is a top-notch brand for artificial hedges and plants for several years. It has authorized a factory in China to produce the line of ULAND artificial plants once registered. Hence, ULAND is a trading company but has its own factory.

Where You Locate?

ULAND is based in Nanjing, Jiangsu province, China, though the brand took effect in Los Angeles, US. Also, the factory is in the same region of ULAND to guarantee effective interaction and shipping affairs.

What’s Your Product?

Through continuous product research and development, ULAND faux plants lines have extended to artificial hedges, green walls, trees, flowers, and topiaries. It persists in the innovation of other kinds of green plants such as preserved moss. Get the latest brochure today.

How About Your Price?

Prices depend on products. As the leading supplier of artificial greenery in China, ULAND gives priority to quality. Rest assured that you will get premium ULAND faux plants at a reasonable and competitive price. You can contact Customer Support for the catalog with pricing.

Can I Make A Visit To Your Company?

Of course, you can. ULAND has adopted the central epidemic response policy concerning the current epidemic situation. Visitors from low-risk countries and high-risk areas need to hold a nucleic acid certificate and confirm that everything is normal after 14 days of isolation. Thanks for understanding before ULAND company can arrange reception. Please let us know in advance if you have any plans for a business trip to ULAND.

How To Become A Dealer?

It’s easy to be the distributor of ULAND. You have to obligate certain agreed responsibilities and in turn, ULAND artificial plants supplier will offer the benefits. ULAND hopes to work with you to seek win-win cooperation.

What’s The Difference Between Your Products And Others?

Material: All the ULAND artificial plants consist of 100% fresh new PE rather than the recycled waste PE so that the products look vibrant and natural. Please check the ultimate buying guide to artificial hedges.

Certified UV protection: UV powders will be added to the PE material catering for the outdoor intense sunlight according to your requirements.

Odorless: Fresh materials smell good for years to come.

Friendly to environment: ULAND faux plants products have passed SGS heavy mental test and you can ask for the test report.

OEM & ODM: Whatever products you are interested in, ULAND can customize the specifications, cartons, and others for you.

Any other questions? Turn to ULAND friendly sales team by sending the mail to sales@u-land.us.


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