The Ultimate Guide to ULAND Artificial Hedges

ULAND Artificial Hedges – Ultimate Buying Guide

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An extensive range of artificial hedges on the market may have dazzled you. We’d like to introduce this buying guide to you as you’re looking for the best choice of indoor or outdoor artificial plants & hedges.

ULAND Artificial Hedges Built to Last for a Lifetime

Regardless of what kinds of artificial hedge products, quality is an inevitable issue from beginning to end. Polyethylene (PE), silk, and polyester have become the main materials composing artificial plants. Polyethylene resins hold a dominant perception in producing artificial hedges and trees as they have the advantages of high simulation, strong fabricability, excellent stability, environmental protection, nontoxicity, and no peculiar smell.

artificial hedges comparison

But do you know how to distinguish the premium ones from other inferior faux hedges? Here are some easy tips for you to take action –

  1. Observe the appearance: Artificial hedging with qualified fresh new PE materials looks so hyper-realistic that you cannot tell it’s real or not especially at a distance. Other than color, it’s also important to pay great attention to the stereoscopic effect of each hedge panel.
  2. Take a close smell: Fresh polyethylene resins rather than recycled ones smell good without any sharp odor.
  3. Reach out to touch: Whether hedge leaves are natural or defective lies on the touch feeling, so if they have a smooth touch with textures you get the right ones in quality.
  4. Pull and roll the mat: A standard artificial hedge panel is easy to be rolled up, turn into other shapes, and return to the original mat sheet without decay or dropping off leaves.
  5. Weighing better is early than late: Professional artificial hedges manufacturers keep their eyes on sufficient raw materials to produce heavier faux hedging than that of poor quality.

Made using superior standard ingredients will your artificial plants and hedges last for years to come.

UV Rated Outdoor Artificial Hedges

How to protect faux hedges from fading in the sun and how long they will last are frequently asked questions when it comes to artificial outdoor hedges. Don’t be fooled, you’d better know some key differences of the UV-resistant artificial greenery popping up.

outdoor artificial hedge wall project

UV infused ULAND artificial hedges

It’s the best way to protect your artificial hedges plants from the sun by inserting UV powders and blending them with the materials. As such, without any doubt, a faux leaf panel and other fake plants have a greater chance to resist the sun and prevent fading and cracking.

But you have some difficulties in finding out if those artificial hedging panels have been applied to this technology. So ask your manufacturer if he has carried out UV protection in various layers of hedges during production. Here’s a tip for you to think twice on occasions when artificial hedges sound incredible or much cheaper than average UV-resistant outdoor artificial greenery hedges on the market. It is also suggested to ask for proof of protection and UV protection reports.

UV protection spray for artificial hedges

Another way of proving hedges are treated with ultraviolet radiation is to use sealants or UV resistance sprays. Different from inserted UV foliage layer, this way is designed to the external of the blade with temporary protection. In order for a long lifetime, the spray needs to be used at regular intervals like 6 months as a basis.

We recommend using non-toxic and environmentally-friendly UV-resistant sprays for artificial hedge leaves when faced with several anti-UV sprays on the market.

Non-UV treated hedges

Surprisingly, there are some suppliers reckless with greed claiming their artificial outdoor hedge ranges to be UV-rated but through testing, they may not bring the actual benefits.

UV resistant or not depends on your needs, but it’s worth taking into consideration the differences above when it comes to selecting effective fake hedges for exteriors.

Fire Retardant Artificial Indoor Hedge Wall

Flame safety is a prior issue to indoor decor, especially in commercial settings. But looking for authentic fire-safe artificial hedges is like fishing for a needle in the ocean. There are some tricks on obscuring a comparison between Fire Resistant and Fire Retardant, so don’t fall into a fireproof trap by some artificial plant supplier.

fire retardant artificial hedges

Fire-resistant vs. Fire-retardant

Flame (fire) retardant materials are treated with chemicals so that they will ignite, burn slowly, or even self-extinguish when exposed to open fire. No matter what the raw material is, it must be chemically treated to prevent the flame from spreading.

Fire (flame) resistant products are designed to be nonflammable and automatically extinguish without melting or dripping once exposed to direct high temperatures.

IFR artificial hedges

In general, artificial hedge panels made with chemicals during their lifetime are also called “inherently fire retardant” (IFR). With fire retardant elements added to the outside of artificial leaves, they can perform well in safer workplaces, public buildings, interior decorations for events. To be honest, fire-retardant hedges ranges tend to cost higher than non-fire-retardant as you get what you pay.

Fire-retardant test for ULAND artificial hedges

Until now, National Fire Protection Association’s (NFPA) 701 Standard has been the widely recognized standard for fire retardancy. The test measures:

The flammability of artificial leaf panels when faced with a specific ignition source.

The flame condition of the artificial hedges after burning in a flame for 12 seconds. Record flame height, char length, and residue.

Best Choice ULAND Artificial Hedges Range

You cannot go wrong with ULAND hedge as not only do we manufacture the best faux greenery hedges but we also customize any size and shape for your local. Apart from diverse kinds of artificial hedges panels, we now develop more hedging plants.

ULAND artificial hedges showroon

Artificial boxwood hedges

Each panel is in a regular size of 50cm x 50cm with holes and pins that can be connected together. Hence, with easy installation, you’ll get stylish modern hedge walls based on your project requirements. For instance, what if the rainbow made with different colors of artificial boxwood hedges mats? They can come in exotic, classic, tropical, and various styles that provide instant visual effects, brighten up any space, and strengthen your moods.

As a versatile other than decorative item, faux boxwood hedging can be integrated with a planter to be adjustable in setting off covering.

Artificial topiary plants with ULAND artificial hedges

Artificial topiaries consisting of artificial hedges leaves are manufactured with LDPE (low-density PE) and sometimes with iron inside for stability. In order for UV protection and flame retardancy, polyester blends and additives will be used to make artificial topiary balls, trees & letters. Here are some options you may consider.

  • Topiary styles: cone tree, spiral tree or ball tree; hanging ball; animal
  • Accessories: in-pot or without pots; LED lights or no lighting
  • Size: large tall, small or custom-made
  • Leaf style: select leaves for your faux topiary plants, such as boxwood, ivy, etc.

Framed plants wall

Have you ever thought of incorporating artificial hedges into frames to create interior decorations? Circular, rectangular, and square framed green walls have been the most choices for corridors, foyers, offices, or reception areas. Whatever shape of frames with 3D artificial foliage you choose, they can stand alone or be hung to the wall, causing no waste to any indoor space. Here’s a reminder for you – external frames with stable quality add the touch that brings a work of art to life. What’s more, unlike photo frames, stereoscopic artificial hedges in frames are more customizable for DIY projects.

Multiple Functions for Faux Hedges

So far, you may have realized how perfect these artificial hedges are as ornamental greenery, privacy covering, and space dividers in both residential and commercial settings. But the possibilities are endless, we shall just list a few ways to make the most of these green hedges.

artificial boxwood hedges with various uses

Sound insulation and noise reduction

When in a high-decibel environment, people will easily get distracted, inefficient, and even annoyed. Faux hedges plants come to the rescue! Highly dense hedges not only block the unattractive scenes but also play an important role in drowning out the unpleasant noise. In light of other faux greenery plants, the more the better to decrease sound decibels.

Fence and wall extension

Do you know how to create enough privacy screens only with too low or stretched fences? An ideal solution is artificial hedges. With a simple installation guide enclosed in each carton, your local will get instant privacy protection without any effort. Likewise, durable fake hedge panels are fully customizable so as to block eyes at any height.

Workplace cubicle walls

Full of gray and white walls or injected modern decorations with maintenance-free green beauty, which is better for the workplace? Please never limit your talent and imagination because our team can always offer a “one-stop service” to improve your working environments. Artificial hedges along with other fake plants create viable office spaces to brighten your business.

Import Artificial Hedges from a Reliable Factory

Many new importers engaged in the artificial hedge&plant industry will usually get trapped in looking for a trading company or a manufacturer (factory). Leave the industry aside, what is the difference between the two types of suppliers – trading companies and factories?

Trading companies or traders don’t actually take ownership of products. Instead, they tend to source a variety of goods from one or more factories. If you just need to make a trial order, you can turn to a trading company but take care provided there happen to have defective artificial hedges. But more often, sourcing a manufacturer is a decision worth considering especially in the long run as you get more control over these faux hedging products and more customization options.

5 reasons to choose ULAND artificial hedges

  • Premier brand: ULAND is reputed for supplying premium faux hedges at a reasonable price with committed brand marketing and promotion.
  • Strong productivity: ULAND has its own factory located in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China, producing exported hedges, plants, and trees in bulk annually.
  • High-end technology: Up to now, ULAND owns sets of machines manufacturing UV-infused & flame-retardant hedge panels with a series of tests and reports.
  • “One-stop” service: Not only does ULAND have a professional factory but it also has a specialized designer team to customize sole solutions.
  • Exclusive dealer program: ULAND commits itself to achieve a win-win cooperation relationship with overseas distributors who will enjoy the exclusive support of selling ULAND hedge.

Welcome to know more about artificial plants supplier FAQs!


If you’d like to purchase factory-direct artificial hedges, instances for reselling, or projects like landscaping & interior design, then you can turn to ULAND. Tell them what you need and you’ll get what you pay for. Make a phone call to (86) 13951936338, send an email to to ask for a catalog, or keep in touch with Online Customer Support.


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