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A Beginner’s Guide to Artificial Hedges in Planters

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The artificial hedges in planters are gaining popularity in homes and commercial settings. For a business selling planter box hedges, it starts with getting a full knowledge of products and services from a reliable supplier. At ULAND, we offer quality products and try our best to help you begin, develop, and mature an established artificial plant product lines.

What are artificial hedges in planters?

what are artificial hedges in planters

Artificial hedges planters are easy, effective, and eco-friendly privacy screens using artificial wall panels and standing on a variety of planter boxes. Regardless of the indoors or outdoors, these box hedges are customizable to divide spaces or hide unsightly areas.

Assemble the artificial greenery wall foliage in a planter frame, or import pre-installed freestanding hedge walls. Easy to install & ready-made, these faux hedges in planters are ideal solutions for instant green hedges and great choices for event planning. Especially among projects and events rental customers, our artificial wall planter ranks the 1st popular fake hedges product in the market.

What is the artificial hedging planter made of? What colors are available?

what is artificial hedging planter

There are many kinds of planters to choose, the most common of which are made from iron (including stainless steel), wood, WPC, etc. Our planter box comes in the solid WPC (wood-plastic composites) material, at 0.7 inches (1.6cm) of thickness and 44 pounds (20kg)/ square meter of weight. As seen from the picture above, the regular color is grey and brown. May I know which color do you prefer?

How to choose the right planter box material?

When looking for the most suitable indoor and outdoor artificial hedges in planters regarding the material, three main factors are worthy of consideration: durability, appearance, and maintenance.

Durability: Will the planter box hedges keep stable under pressure, especially withstand the strong wind or heavy rain?

Appearance: How will the planter look in detail, such as textural elements and possible color schemes?

Maintenance: How much care does a faux hedge planter require and how long will it last for lifetime? 

Refer to the advantages and disadvantages of the mostly used planter boxes.

different planter boxes for artificial hedging

Metal Planter Box

Pros: cheap and lightweight sleek, glossy-back design, quick and easy to install
Cons: Easy to rust, Need fillers to keep stable

Wooden Planter Box

Pros: Ease of mobility, Convenient to carry
Cons: Easy to corrode Sensitive to environment

WPC Planter Box

Pros: Waterproof, Corrosion resistant
Cons: Inevitable high freight, Difficult to move around

What about the structure of artificial hedges in planters?

We offer two solutions to meet needs of the majority. One is WPC bottom + mesh stand + hedges leaves, and another is mesh stand + hedges leaves.

Before purchasing, you ought to confirm with our consultants the usage of installing your artificial hedges. Will you install them in the planters for personal use or business use? Selecting one of the solutions depends on you. Still, fake green hedges over 40” (100cm) without a planter cannot stand steadily, unless you add other supports. The iron mesh are at around 5.3 pounds (2.4kg) per square meter.

Can you explain problems related to UV and color-fading?

All our artificial hedges are made of fresh LDPE (low-density polyethylene), added with UV-protected additives during the manufacturing process. So the artificial hedge wall planters can be used outside for a long time. How will outdoor artificial hedges perform exposed to full sunlight? Check out an ultimate guide to artificial outdoor plants with UV resistance. Furthermore, all our hedges and plants have passed the UV test and can be kept well under outdoor sunlight. If there’s a need, we can send the UV protection test report and no heavy metal certificate. Also if it’s necessary, we will provide samples for your testing.

Color-fading is an inevitable issue after years of sun exposure because ultraviolet light must have a great impact on plastic products, leading to aging of plastic materials. Though the color of the fence definitely has a little change, we ensure the change is under control and will not affect normal use.

Can the hedge be removed from the planter?

planter box hedge with iron mesh

For the finished hedges with wood-plastic composites, the planter cannot be removed as the normal quality is fixed together. You can see from the picture, the iron mesh are tied to the bottom WPC with angle iron to make sure the stability. Currently, we mainly export WPC planter faux hedges, but if you have other requirements like removable hedge walls, we recommend hedge leaves with mesh stand only without bottom planter boxes.

Are the wheels of artificial hedges in planters always exposed?

exposed artificial hedging planter wheels

Yes, the wheels are designed to move around and convenient for transportation. An artificial hedging planter has four wheels in total, 2 directional wheels plus 2 universal wheels.

According to one of our clients, the wheels are exposed, measuring at about 0.8” (2cm), the height of which can be optional. Tell us if you have any needs for this.

Of course, not all customers require wheels, as a result, we can work together to find out the best solution for your hedges in planters before mass production.

All sides are covered except the bottom of the hedge, right?

quality and high density artificial boxwood planters

Usually yes, the whole set of hedge planter is 5 sides of boxwood leaf covering + 4 sides of stand WPC without bottom boards. As a China leading artificial hedge supplier, ULAND offers personalized and bespoke products and service for customers all round the world. Are they workable for your customers? Please feel free to tell us if you need customization.

When will you ship if I place an order for one container to start?

It depends on unpredictable factors so we cannot give you precise shipping and deliver date. May I know which container you need: 20GP or 40HQ? And what size of the planter box do you need?

As long as you send information based on mutual trust so that we can calculate the quantity to fulfill the container and inform you of the exact production time.

Besides, please understand that the shipping time needs negotiation because CNY is coming and it takes time to prepare the WPC board and the metal mesh to fix together.

As far as the material for the hedge, can you send me samples?  I know there are different leaves which I imported before, I want the thickest and none see-through quality.

get free samples of planter box hedges

It’s nice to know that you have experience in this area. Yes, different materials have different qualities. We are happy to send you samples for inspection.

Among all artificial hedges in planters, the most popular model is PA001, which uses dark green artificial boxwood leaves with 1.6”-2” (4-5cm) thickness.

When you receive samples, you will get a better understanding of the leaf quality – all our artificial hedges panels are made of fresh LDPE with the certification of Anti-UV, CA65, and Heavy Metal-Free offered in attachments if you need.

To be frank, it’s more persuasive to send a sample of the full unit, including planters, hedges of different styles of leaves for your choices.

What are best-selling artificial hedges in planters?

Artificial boxwood in planter PA001

  • Leaves: Milan leaves, 100% fresh new LDPE
  • Base: WPC board and iron mesh
  • Size: L40”, W10”, H40” and custom
  • Minimum order quantity: Determined by size

Our lifelike imitated boxwood flowerpots are easy to survive in various environments due to the use of the highest quality materials. Made from 100% fresh new PE, it can remain pristine all year round. In addition, UV-treated polyurethane can avoid UV rays, rain, and high or low temperatures.

As shown in the picture, we replaced a single, non-movable bottom with a pulley. Therefore, you can arrange frame hedges more easily without any effort.

faux boxwood in planters pa001

Artificial box hedge planter PA003

  • Leaf: bay leaf, 100% fresh new LDPE
  • Base: WPC board and iron mesh
  • Size: L40”, W10”, H40” and custom
  • Minimum order quantity: Determined by size

Our planter box hedge is non-toxic, odorless, has passed the authoritative test and does not contain heavy metals, and has obtained the SGS certificate.

In addition, we support adding a variety of decorations to polish the designs and products that once belonged to you. We can make WPC boards according to the planters, but we can also source glass fiber, cast stone, and PVC materials.

artificial box hedge planters pa003

Artificial privacy planter PA040

  • Leaves: white flowers and leaves, 100% fresh new LDPE
  • Base: WPC board and iron mesh
  • Size: L40”, W10”, H40” and custom
  • Minimum order quantity: Determined by size

On the one hand, because the density is as high as 95% or more, the artificial box hedge privacy planter can well block the street view on the balcony or terrace.

On the other hand, they can disguise the restaurant service station unobtrusively, block the view of the air conditioner, and divide the courtyard. Outdoor partition walls and artificial privacy planters also add elements of architectural interest and evergreen background.

artificial privacy planters with white flowers pa040

How to secure high artificial boxwood planters from a strong wind?

  • For hedge planters with heights of 79” and 96”, we recommend using anchors or other tools to fix them on the ground to prevent them from being blown down in strong winds.
how to secure artificial hedges in planters from strong winds
  • For high fence walls, especially for outdoor use, you need to fill the planter box with water bags or sandbags or bricks to make it have enough weight to prevent from being blown over.
  • If the wind is too strong, reaching up to level 7 or higher, please move it indoors or in a shelter to avoid damage during strong winds.

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